Árak: Kazetta 800 forint/darab
      CD      1500 forint/darab

Prices: Tapes 3Eur/4USD
        CD    5Eur/7USD

Zebarges-Stay barges or die x1
Vivoroteny-Vivoroteny (Depressive Black Metal, Russia, one demo and one album in one disk) x1
Evocation of Despair-Auf ewig mit dunklem vereint (Suicidal BM from Germany, digipack) x2
Wolf-Omnes Tenebras (Satanic Black Metal, Mexico, highly recommended) x1

I am Esper-The ghosts of the Fallen trees,Awaken the living (Ambient, USA) x1
Traumator-Cerebral Agression (Death/Thrash Mteal, Mexico) x1
Atrox Trauma-Fojtogat (Hungarian Thrash Metal demo) x1
Desolation-Anguish (Ambient, USA, one song in 58 minutes) x1
Damned spirits dance-Hide from Daylight (Dark Metal, Hungary, rare stuff) x1
Mesemon Ecfrof- Useless Way of the Cross  CD-r (Death Metal, Brazil) x1
Tempestilence-Rotting Alive CD-r (Live album, Death Metal, Brazil) x2
Zebarges-Promo 2011 (Punk/Metal, France) x1
Vrag-Öröktéli Éjszakák (Raw Black Metal, Hungary, brand new demo) x5
Angellore-Premieres Liturgies (Doom Metal, in DVD case) x2

Hegemon-Tron Zla (Black Metal, France) x1
Witcher-Boszorkánytánc (Hungarian Black Metal, limited to 66 copies, with badge) x2
Fekete Fagy-Átokhold (Black Metal, Hungary, highly recommended) x2

Tapes (Master CD+covers+stickers):
1389 - Windhorst (NSBM, Bosnia and Hercegovina, rare stuff) x1
Mond-Demo (Black Metal, Serbia) x1
Wolf / Winds of Rain-Unholy Forces (Mexico/Colombia, Black Metal split) x1
Imperial Darkness-Nekysia and Perversion (Black Metal, Greece) x1
Navrog-Pogled (Pagan Black Metal, Serbia) x2
Vrag/Harag-split (Hungarian Black Metal bands, highly recommended) x10
 Kroda/Velimor- Молотом Духу та Єдністю Крові / Молотом Духа и
Крови Единством (tape with cardboard slimcase+stickers) x1
Piorun- Stajemy Jak Ojce (Pagan Folk from Poland, tape with stickers) x2
Oprich-Север Вольный (Folk Metal from Russia )x1
Hremmgiefstol-When the Wind Blows from the North x2
Wolfenhorde-Pathway to Lunar Utopia (NSBM, Croatia, rare stuff) x2
Wolfenhorde-Wolves of the New Beginning (NSBM,Croatia, rare stuff) x1
Mystes-From The Battlefield (Black Metal, Poland) x1
Bustum- The return of Hate (NSBM, Poland) x1
Wojnar-Z najgłębszych borów pieśni Wam niosę (Black Metal with folk elements, Poland) x1
Teth-Felébredünk (Ambient from Hungary) x3
Laconist-Inhumane Rites-Tempestilence-Infection-Southern Abissal Creatures (Black Metal split, Brazil) x3
Northdark-Toward the Emptiness (Black Metal, Russia, Kult stuff) x1
Wotanorden-Aryan Culture Preservation (Black Metal, Usa) x1
Flammersjel-Чёртоги Звёздного Сияния (Pagan Black Metal, Ukraine) x1
Raven Dark-Autumn Roar (Black Metal, Russia) x2


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